The core competences of ab ovo Geflüglevermehrung GmbH are the rearing and trading of pullets. We are characterised by reliability, experience, competence and care. Also after the sale we help our customers with sound advice and practical action. As a premium partner of Hendrix Genetics BV, we are the national contact for the breeds Dekalb White, Bovans Brown and ISA Brown. We focus on quality from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium – from egg to laying hen.


ab ovo Geflügelvermehrung GmbH is a partnership of three large poultry farms. The knowledge from several generations has thus been bundled and an extremely competent and experienced alliance has been formed, which starts right at the beginning – i.e. with the egg – to produce healthy and high-performance animals. Are you interested in organic products? Then take a look here: You can also find current information on our Facebook page.


The basis for healthy and strong young hens is laid by the ultra-modern hatcheries. The young chicks then grow up in aviaries and Nivo-Varia rearing systems. Feed management is always age-appropriate and is carried out using feed recipes developed by us. From the 14th week of life the flocks are always fed with VLOG feed. In addition to the statutory vaccinations, the animals also receive our standard vaccination programme, which consists of various vaccienae and is based on the latest findings in veterinary medicine. In addition, we offer our customers further stable-specific and site-specific vaccinations on request. For many years we have also had a lot of good experience with long beaks. After the 16th week a final examination is carried out by a specialised poultry veterinarian. The animals are then loaded and delivered by our experienced staff.


Hendrix Genetics

own feed recipes

Food-Water Training

modern vaccination programmes

Rearing consultant

Sales consultant

Bonus system for healthy animals


  • Im März haben wir wieder zum beliebten ab ovo Aufzüchter-Stammtisch eingeladen und zahlreiche Partner-Betriebe waren dabei. Das ab ovo Produktionsteam hatte dieses Mal im niederländische Hapert ein interessantes und umfangreiches Programm für zwei Tage organisiert. Der erste Tag startete am frühen Nachmittag mit dem Empfang......

  • Familie Haag aus Ulsenheim in Markt Nordheim hat ihren neuen Junghennen-Aufzuchtstall für bis zu 98.000 Tiere fertiggestellt. Zusammen mit ab ovo wurde der Stall geplant. Die aufgeständerte Voliere umfasst drei Etagen mit Futter und Wasser auf jeder Ebene. Somit sind gute Trainingsmöglichkeiten für eine bessere......