Legehennen Küken-Auszucht


To ensure the highest quality from the parent animal onwards, we work closely with the parent animal companies of ISACOM BV. With a parent stock of approximately 250,000 animals, we are able to supply large and homogeneous herds. The contracted parent stock farms are managed according to the latest hygienic standards and veterinary methods. Hendrix ISACOM BV attaches particular importance to ensuring that the parent stock is free from MG, SE, ST and MS. The hatcheries of our partner companies are important nodes in the production chain from hatching egg to pullet, then to laying hen and later to the consumer egg. The modern hatcheries enable two hatches per week with more than 100,000 hen chicks. The chicks are provided with needle and spray vaccinations in the hatchery in a manner that is compatible with animal welfare. The vaccinations can be carried out according to our standard vaccination programme or according to customer requirements. In this way we are able to supply uniform, healthy and above all strong chicks so that your rearing period starts well right from the start. Our aim is to achieve less than 0.5% losses in the first week.

Laying hens rearing


When the chicks are brought into the ab ovo rearing facilities, a very important phase in the lives of the laying hens begins. The chicks grow up in different rearing systems at different locations. It is advisable to link the rearing system to the later laying system so that the rehousing process is optimal for the laying hens. For this purpose, full aviaries and Nivo-Varia systems from different manufacturers are available. There are three different feed phases, which are mixed according to our specifications. From day one, the animals also have access to picking stones and alfalfa. Our sales advisors are always available for expert advice and will ensure that our quality specifications are met. We are happy to coordinate many parts of the rearing phase with you: The light and vaccination programme or other company-specific requirements can be individually adapted to your wishes and experience.

The daily inspections of each rearing facility, which take place several times a day, are an essential part of our professional quality assurance. State-of-the-art, computer-aided technology creates optimal external conditions for rearing the hens, but only the trained human eye can provide the necessary safety. The perfect interplay of all factors creates optimal environmental conditions with species-appropriate rearing conditions, so that first-class animals grow up. Specialist veterinary care during the entire rearing period, which includes a standard vaccination programme in accordance with current legal requirements, is part of our holistically oriented method. Strict hygiene standards based on the latest chemical and veterinary knowledge are also applied in all rearing operations. Furthermore, intensive wet cleaning and disinfection is carried out in all rearing facilities after each production cycle. A professional rearing protocol, competent rearing supervision, modern and future-oriented equipment systems, the use of an optimal standard vaccination programme and the experience of our farm managers lay the foundation for excellent laying performance. At the end of each rearing process, the punctual delivery of the laying animals is the result – even to neighbouring countries. ab ovo GmbH has its own fleet of vehicles available for transport. We work with a bonus system in our production facilities, whereby we strive for high uniformity and a non-markless feathering. And last but not least: Transparency is our top priority. After the hatching of your animals you will receive a postal hatching notification in which all important details are mentioned. If you are interested, you are welcome at any time to visit our rearing farm to look at your young hens.

Aufzucht von Brüderhähnen

Breeding of brother cocks

The ab ovo company attaches great importance to authentic agriculture with ethical breeding goals. Therefore, since the beginning of 2018, we have been successfully raising organic and conventional brother cocks, thus achieving a good balance between animal welfare and economic success. For a long time, egg production has been the main focus of our laying hen breeding. Our Dekalb White and Bovans Brown hens are bred to lay a lot of eggs with little meat. The cocks of this breed put on so little meat that they have been killed for economic reasons and sold as animal feed to zoos, reptile shops or bird of prey stations. This has now changed! Our brother cocks of different laying hybrids stay in our breeding farms for about 15 weeks and are slaughtered with about 1.5 kg with an excellent meat quality. Our slaughterhouse partners produce many interesting products from this. There is also the possibility that our slaughterhouse partners deliver the meat of your animals back to you. If you are interested in our brother cock rearing, please contact <a href=”mailto:mw@gefluegelvermehrung.de”>Malte Wolter</a>.